Online class preparation

A link will be provided with class setup instructions a few days prior to the class start date:

  • For classes that start on a Monday, we typically send connection information the prior Friday or Thursday.

  • For classes that start on a Wednesday, we typically send connection information on Monday.

If you don't hear from us by those days, please check your spam-bin and email carefully. If you still cannot find the email with the link, contact us.

We usually use Google Meet as our conference solution.

When joining the online classroom you will be prompted to enter your name. Please enter the same name you used in your registration for the class, so that we can confirm which students have successfully arrived. Do not leave the name blank.

Testing your computer and connectivity

Please test your computer and network connectivity before class, using same computer and network you plan to use during class, via the following test page:

Connecting to the online classroom


While Atlassian software can work on any type of hardware, for training purposes, we recommend: 



Windows or Mac

Chrome or Firefox

Chromebook or Chromebox

Built-in browser (Chrome)

For the best classroom experience we recommend a strong, reliable internet connection.

Second monitor

The online classroom experience works well with a single monitor. However, we recommend that online students set up a second monitor, if possible. This will help with viewing the instructor's screen, and yours, at the same time without needing to switch between tabs or windows. 

Classroom etiquette

Although students can ask questions and get answers in the classroom chat panel, we find that asking with a microphone is the best way to get the instructor’s attention. A headset with microphone tends to provide clear, feedback-free audio when asking questions.

Please keep your microphone muted if you are not asking a question. This will help prevent unnecessary noise and enhance everyone’s learning experience.

Preparation checklist

  • Computer with recommended browser

  • Strong, reliable internet connection

  • Check your microphone and speakers

  • Make a cup of tea

Class schedule

Our classes typically run from 9:00am to 5:00pm in the published time zone. There will be a short break in the morning, a one hour break for lunch starting around 12:00pm in the class time zone, and another short break in the afternoon. Your start and end times may be different, so please check your confirmation email. 

Time zone

To avoid arriving early or late, please double-check the time zone of your class.

Connection help before and during class

If you have difficulty with the conference software, or any other aspect of entering the online classroom, please contact us at the email below. We can help with some types of problems by email, and for others your instructor will assist you at the beginning of class.

This email address is monitored starting 30 minutes before the start of class on the first day.