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Private/corporate in-person class

Daily schedule

The daily class schedule is typically from 9 AM to 5 PM, with lunch at a time and place according to the customer group’s typical habits. We ask that students arrive early to handle any emergencies, urgent emails, etc. if possible, so that we can start the content promptly at 9 AM.

Our trainer(s) will usually arrive at your site the first day at approximately 8:15 - 8:30 AM, to set up or answer questions from early students.

Our trainer(s) have ample content to fill all day and more, and are happy with as little as 45 minutes for lunch. It is ideal if lunch can be available nearby, or on-site, to avoid the lunch break taking more than an hour.

Some private class organizations choose to provide lunch for the student and instructor group, to minimize the downtime.



Our instructor(s) will arrive with necessary adapters to plug in to a projector using HDMI or VGA. HDMI is strongly preferred where possible.

The projector is used mostly for showing demonstrating the software. It is most helpful to have a high resolution (1920x1080) projector, meaning one that projects at that resolution rather than only accepting data at that resolution then scaling down to a lower resolution for display.

We can successfully teach the class with a much lower resolution (VGA) projector, but it is a more tedious experience for the students.

Extra monitor

Some instructors will request an external monitor at the instructor station. If needed, we will request it prior to the class.


Wall mount preferred, with markers and an eraser.


Please have whatever network access credentials, ports, etc. available so that our instructors(s) can access the internet. A “guest” network is ideal; we do not need to access customer network resources.

Student computer setup

While Atlassian software can work on any type of hardware, for training purposes, we recommend: 



Windows or Mac

Chrome or Firefox

Chromebook or Chromebox

Built-in browser (Chrome)

Additionally, please make sure that student computers are able to connect to the provided internet. You may also wish to have available network cables and USB ethernet dongles as a backup in the event of connectivity problems.

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