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Private/corporate online class

Daily schedule

The daily class schedule is typically from 9 AM to 5 PM, with lunch at a time and place according to the customer group’s typical habits. We ask that students arrive early to handle any emergencies, urgent emails, etc. if possible, so that we can start the content promptly at 9 AM.

Sometimes the schedule is varied for specific customer needs, so students in private online classes should coordinate with whomever has arranged the class to ensure they know the right time.



We recommend that students prepare their computers prior to attending. At various times during class, the instructor(s) will help with any remaining setup problems, but that takes time that could otherwise be spent learning.

While Atlassian software can work on any type of hardware, for training purposes, we recommend: 



Windows or Mac

Chrome or Firefox

Chromebook or Chromebox

Built-in browser (Chrome)


Because the online class uses a video and audio feed, please ensure student network connections are robust and have good bandwidth available. We recommend turning off any bandwidth-throttle firewall settings.

Second monitor

While students can succeed in the course with a single monitor,  we recommend that online students set up a second monitor. This will help with viewing the instructor's screen, and yours, at the same time without needing to switch between tabs or windows.

Conference software

A link will be provided with class setup instructions a few days prior to the class start date:

  • For classes that start on a Monday, we typically send connection information the prior Friday or Thursday.

  • For classes that start on a Wednesday, we typically send connection information on Monday.

If you don't hear from us by those days, please check your spam-bin and email carefully. If you still cannot find the email with the link, contact us.

We usually use Microsoft Teams as our conference solution, but if your organisation requires a different solution, please let us know.

Preparation checklist

  • Computers ready with recommended browser

  • Strong, reliable internet connection

  • Check your microphone and speakers

  • Prepare second monitor

  • Make a cup of tea

Videoconferencing considerations 

Shared conference facilities

Our class does not use traditional dedicated videoconferencing facilities. Rather, we use software platform intended for each student, even in a private online class, to separately attend using their own computer, and separately receive assistance from our instructors.

Some private class customers have small groups of 2-3 students attend together, and work on the workshops together. This works very well, as the student collaboration is improved.

Some private class customers have a large group of students all to sit together in the same room, and watch the presentation on a single large screen or projector. We do not recommend this, as it generally means the individual students do not receive one-on-one attention from our instructors as they attempt workshops. We have also found that classes conducted this way are less conducive to student questions.

Classroom etiquette

Although students can ask questions and get answers in the classroom chat panel, we find that asking with a microphone is the best way to get the instructor’s attention. A headset with microphone tends to provide clear, feedback-free audio when asking questions.

Please keep your microphone muted if you are not asking a question. This will help prevent unnecessary noise and enhance everyone’s learning experience.

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