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Advanced Planning in Jira Quick Start

Duration - 1/2 day

Discover how to align your teams with enterprise goals through our concise yet impactful ½-day class designed specifically for work managers. This comprehensive course empowers attendees to effectively connect their teams' efforts with overarching organizational objectives. Through practical exercises, participants will learn how to visualize work in various ways, track dependencies, monitor capacity, and implement scenarios to enhance productivity and goal alignment.

Key Features

  • Goal alignment strategies: Understand the
    importance of connecting teamwork to
    enterprise goals, and learn effective
    strategies to ensure alignment throughout
    the organization.

  • Visualizing work: Gain insights into different
    visualization techniques that allow you to
    effectively track and manage work, providing
    clarity and transparency to your teams.

  • Dependency tracking: Learn how to identify
    and manage dependencies between tasks
    and projects, ensuring smooth workflow and
    preventing bottlenecks or delays.

  • Capacity monitoring: Discover techniques
    for monitoring team capacity to optimize
    work allocation, ensuring that resources are
    utilized efficiently and workload is balanced.

  • Scenario implementation: Practice
    implementing different scenarios to evaluate
    their impact on team productivity, enabling
    you to make informed decisions and adapt your approach accordingly.

Class Outline

  • Advance Roadmaps overview

    • History

    • Purpose

  • Interpreting & Customizing a Plan

    • Issue Hierarchy

    • Issue Sources

    • Roadmap view

    • View Controls

    • Scope section

    • Roadmap Section

    • Saved Views

    • Changing Data/Review changes

    • Export & sharing

    • Auto schedule

    • Scenarios

    • Team management

    • Capacity planning

    • Release management

  • Creating a Plan

  • Plan Configuration settings

  • Administration

    • Permissions

    • Hierarchy

    • Dependencies


Class type


Private Class (1-15 attendees)


Private Class (16-30 attendees)


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