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Assets Quick Start

Duration - 1/2 day

This class offers JSM administrators a comprehensive and focused learning experience. By covering key features such as asset schemas, object-issue connections, reporting, and automation, administrators will develop the skills needed to effectively manage and utilize assets within the Jira Service Management framework. The practical and interactive nature of the class ensures that participants are well-equipped to enhance asset tracking and management processes within their organizations.

Key Features

  • Customized asset schemas: Learn to design
    and tailor asset schemas to fit your
    organization's unique needs, ensuring optimal
    tracking and management.

  • Seamless object-issue connections: Discover
    techniques for effortlessly linking objects to
    issues, enhancing visibility and efficiency in
    incident management.

  • Robust reporting insights: Harness the power
    of reporting features to gain actionable
    insights into asset performance, utilization,
    and trends.

  • Efficient automation strategies: Implement
    automation tools to streamline asset-related
    processes, saving time and reducing manual

  • Hands-on practical learning: Engage in
    immersive, hands-on exercises that equip you
    with real-world skills for immediate

  • Collaborative environment: Participate in a
    collaborative learning environment, where you
    can share experiences and ideas with fellow administrators.

Class Outline

  • Assets overview

  • Personas and functions of Asset Users

    • Customer, Jira/JSM Users looking at
      objects via Jira fields

    • Schema/object type users

    • Schema/object type developers

    • Schema/object type managers

  • Administration

    • Object schemas

    • Object types

    • Objects

    • Attributes

    • References

    • Statuses

    • Assets object fields in Jira

  • Advanced searching and reporting

  • Assets support in Automation for Jira

  • Imports

  • API Support


Class type


Private Class (1-15 attendees)


Private Class (16-30 attendees)


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