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Confluence Boot Camp

Duration - 1 day

Level up your productivity with our intensive 1- day class designed for users at all experience levels, from beginners to mid-level proficiency. This course is tailored to help you work smarter and more efficiently, equipping you with the essential skills and time-saving features of Confluence.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive training: Learn everything
    you need to know from the ground up,
    starting with the basics of page editing and
    gradually progressing to advanced

  • Practical application: Through hands-on
    exercises, you will gain firsthand experience
    in using Macros, Templates, and powerful
    Atlassian integrations, allowing you to apply
    your learning immediately.

  • Time-saving features: Discover how to
    leverage Macros, Templates, and other
    powerful tools within Confluence to
    streamline your work, boost productivity, and
    reduce repetitive tasks.

  • Atlassian integrations: Explore the
    seamless integration capabilities of
    Confluence with other Atlassian tools,
    enabling you to harness the full potential of
    your software ecosystem.

  • Comfort and confidence: Increase your
    comfort level with Confluence's features and
    functionalities, gaining the confidence to
    navigate the system effortlessly and make
    the most of its capabilities.

Class Outline

  • Foundation

    • Atlassian overview

    • Governance strategies

    • Confluence walkthrough

  • Fundamentals of page editing

    • Layouts, drafts, publishing, & page history

    • Tables, columns, & sections

    • Naming conventions

    • Creating tasks & task management

    • Simultaneous editing & collaboration

    • Version history & change management

    • Internal & external linking

    • Attachment management

  • Jira integration

    • Referencing Jira Issues & Jira Filters

    • Jira Charts

    • Creating Jira issues in Confluence

    • Enabling external gadgets in Jira

    • Attachment management

  • Macros

    • Demystifying macros

    • Basic macros

    • Two part macros

    • Our favorite macros

  • Standardize an instance or space

    • Introduction to templates & blueprints

    • Creating your own template

    • Tour of Space & Global settings


Class type


Public Class for individual registration (dates here)

$450 per attendee

Private Class (1-15 attendees)


Private Class (16-30 attendees)


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