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Jira Align Boot Camp

Duration - 1 day

Prepare your enterprise for Jira Align with confidence through our exclusive 1-day class. Tailored for organizations considering Jira Align licenses, this course offers a comprehensive and hands-on exploration of Jira Align's capabilities. Gain practical insights into Jira Align's optimal structure, user interactions, visualizations, and implementation requirements.

Key Features

  • In-depth exploration: Delve into the
    intricacies of Jira Align, understanding its
    functionalities, features, and how it aligns with
    your enterprise needs.

  • Hands-on experience: Engage in practical
    exercises and simulations that allow you to
    interact directly with Jira Align, providing you
    with a tangible understanding of its

  • Optimal structure: Learn the best practices
    for structuring Jira and Jira Align to ensure
    seamless integration and effective data
    management between the two tools.

  • User interactions: Discover how users
    interact with both Jira and Jira Align,
    understanding their roles, responsibilities, and
    the workflows involved in maximizing their

  • Visualization insights: Gain a comprehensive
    understanding of the visualizations offered by
    Jira Align, enabling you to leverage datadriven insights and make informed decisions.

  • Implementation essentials: Explore the key
    considerations and requirements for
    implementing Jira Align successfully within your organization, ensuring a smooth transition.

Class Outline

  • Class introduction

  • Jira Align introduction

  • Jira & Jira Align integration overview

  • General navigation and user preferences

  • Creating and managing work items

  • Preparing Jira & Jira Align for PI planning

  • PI planning with Jira & Jira Align

  • Dependency management

  • Risk management

  • Objective management

  • Program room

  • Jira Align roadmap

  • Reports


Class type


Public Class for individual registration (dates here)

$1,045 per attendee

Private Class (1-15 attendees)


Private Class (16-30 attendees)


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