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Jira Boot Camp

Duration - 3 days

Enhance your Jira mastery through our comprehensive 3-day class, specifically crafted to equip both novice and seasoned admins with the essential skills to efficiently manage your Jira instance. This course focuses on imparting best practices that ensure optimal performance and productivity. During the training, participants will gain hands-on experience in mastering the various components necessary for creating projects that seamlessly integrate with your teams, all built upon a solid and easily maintainable Jira foundation.

Key Features

  • Practical approach: Our training emphasizes practical exercises, enabling attendees to apply their learning in real-world scenarios.

  • Best practice guidance: Learn the industry's most effective methodologies and techniques for maximizing Jira's potential, ensuring your instance is finely tuned to your team's needs.

  • Enhanced collaboration: Discover how to create projects that foster collaboration, enabling teams to work seamlessly together and achieve their goals efficiently

  • Robust foundation: Gain insights into establishing a robust foundation for your Jira instance, guaranteeing its stability and longevity.

  • Maintenance made easy: Learn techniques and strategies to maintain your Jira instance effortlessly, reducing downtime and increasing overall system reliability

Class Outline

  • Foundation

    • Atlassian Products & Users

    • Jira Walkthrough

    • Jira Project Structure

  • Aspects of a Jira Project

    • Issue Types

    • Issue Type Schemes

    • Workflows (Basic)

    • Workflow Schemes

    • Basic Fields

    • Screens

  • Advanced Topics

    • Field Configurations

    • Permissions & Roles

    • Notifications

    • Advanced Workflows

    • Resolutions

  • Jira Admin Capstone Exercises

  • Jira Project Administration

  • Jira Visualizations

    • Searching & Filters

    • Boards

    • Reports

    • Dashboards


Class type


Public Class for individual registration (dates here)

$1,295 per attendee

Private Class (1-15 attendees)


Private Class (16-30 attendees)


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