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Opsgenie Quick Start

Duration - 1/2 day

Optimize your alerting and incident management processes with our focused and practical ½-day class tailored for tool administrators and team leads. This comprehensive course is designed to streamline your operations, allowing you to effectively set up on-call schedules and escalations, configure tool integrations, and learn best practices for utilizing Opsgenie.

Key Features

  • Targeted training: Receive concentrated
    training specifically tailored for tool
    administrators and team leads, ensuring the
    content is relevant and applicable to your role
    and responsibilities.

  • Hands-on exercises: Engage in practical
    exercises to set up on-call schedules and
    escalations, allowing you to apply your
    learning in real-world scenarios and reinforce
    your skills.

  • Tool integrations: Discover how to configure
    tool integrations within Opsgenie, enabling
    seamless communication and collaboration
    between different systems for efficient
    incident management.

  • Best practices: Learn Opsgenie's best
    practices, gathered from industry experience,
    to enhance your incident response and
    streamline your alerting processes.

  • Time-efficient format: Designed as a ½-day
    class, this course delivers targeted and
    essential knowledge, maximizing your learning
    outcomes while minimizing time investment.

Class Outline

  • Opsgenie overview

  • Alert management

  • Team configuration

    • On-call schedules and escalations

    • Integrations and heartbeats

    • Services

    • User management

    • Manual and automated alert response

    • Alert, notification, maintenance, and action

    • Incident management and Jira Service
      Management integration

  • Personal settings

  • General settings

  • Analytics


Class type


Private Class (1-15 attendees)


Private Class (16-30 attendees)


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