The exported calendars (URLs which provide iCalendar data) are available on the My calendars page in user profile menu.


The page shows all the feeds and calendars available to the logged in user.

If the target application supports polling custom URLs, you can obtain the address by clicking the Copy to clipboard button or copying the address from text field. Then paste the URL in your calendar application. See below for an example of importing the feed to Google Calendar this way.

As your data changes in Jira, Calendar Sync for Jira will serve updated information at these same URLs. Calendar Sync for Jira serves updated calendar data within 15 minutes of data changing in Jira - but calendar applications vary greatly in how frequently they refresh data.  Depending on your calendar application, it can take hours for changes to appear. Please read our further sections about each specific calendar applications for more specific information.

One-time calendar download

Use the Download button to download an iCalendar file. Such a can be imported to any application supporting this format. Please note that it is a one-time operation, and it will need to be repeated in order to update the calendar.

We recommend instead connecting a calendar application using the URL.

Jira Server (on-premise) deployment limitations

In order to use automatic synchronization using the URLs generated by Calendar Sync with online calendars such as Google Calendar or, the target calendar application needs to be able to download data from these URLs. For example, if your Jira is hosted at, the calendars will be avalable at paths starting with (for example Depending on network configuration and security policy, it may be possible to allow traffic to this URL pattern (without opening up the entire Jira installation).

If your Jira instance is not reachable from the Internet, then the URL-based calendar synchronization will only be possible with applications and devices operating in the networks allowed the access. Desktop applications such as Microsoft Outlook should not experience any difficulties.