All data feeds created by Query Feed are always available for download via HTTPS GET request. This is sometimes referred to as the pull model.

In addition to that, the add-on can be configured to push feed data every time it changes to a remote HTTP or HTTPS endpoint. The target must be able to receive such requests from the Internet and interpret them. Query Feed provides data in a number of generic and widely-supported formats, but it may still be necessary to transform it for use with some applications.

When enabled, every push includes complete feed data set - the same that is available for download via feed URL. The feeds are typically refreshed within 5 minutes from a change in underlying Jira issues. If Jira is updated more frequently, Query Feed will "accumulate" several changes to a single update.

Use the "Data push" configuration section to configure the HTTP method (POST or PUT) and target URL.

When data push is configured, the feed status page indicates the status and time of last push.

If the last push attempt has failed, the status column displays a red "ERROR" badge. Click it to learn more about the problem, including server response (if one is available).