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Query Feed for Jira

The Query Feed for Jira add-on exposes Jira issues as direct JSON, CSV or TSV resources. The data can be directly imported to a database, spreadsheet, or easily consumed with any application, server- or client-side.

The native Jira API is very powerful, but at the same time it's hard to consume and comes with rigid security model. Query Feed for Jira solves these problems: It exposes just the data you need, directly accessible from any application, with security that no longer gets in the way.

How does it work?

You can create a number of configurations. Each of them defines a Jira query that determines what issues will be exported, as well as the fields that will be included in the data feed.

Query Feed for Jira will export the selected fields for matching issues and provide a URL to the data. It supports cross-origin resource sharing (CORS), making it possible to consume the data directly from a client-side web application. Of course feeds can also be consumed by server-side code.

The data link does not does not require authentication, providing maximum accessibility and letting you keep your Jira credentials safe. The URL contains an access token which can be re-generated at any time from the administration screen, invalidating the previous one.

The data underlying the feed URL will be updated periodically and stay up-to-date with Jira. It does not require any other actions or configuration. The URL only changes when the token is invalidated.

Alternatively, each query feed can be configured to push updates to an external HTTP(S) resource every time the data is updated.

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