Preview your web-based code with the official StackBlitz add-on for Confluence

Connect to existing StackBlitz projects

100% compatible with StackBlitz Enterprise

Interactive examples facilitate learning

Create context for your readers by embedding StackBlitz projects directly in Confluence with the relevant details needed to communicate the idea effectively.

Connect StackBlitz for Confluence to your organization's private instance of StackBlitz for collaboration behind the firewall.

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Only owners of the StackBlitz project can modify the code, but all Confluence users with read-only access to the page can experiment with the embedded project - changes are not persisted/saved.

Common Use cases

  • Rapid learning & documentation- show best practices in web-based development and provide enough context & detail as your audience needs. Viewers can interact with the code with no possibility to persist changes.

👉 Interact with our live example

  • Iterate quickly - Socialize a web-based prototype within Confluence. Allow stakeholders to see the idea and provide feedback before the team spends numerous hours implementing functionality that may or may not be valuable.

👉 Interact with our live example

More Information on StackBlitz 

For more information on StackBlitz functionality, check out StackBlitz's documentation.

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