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Access control tab

This page explains how to configure which Jira users can see the calendars, and what events appear in their calendars. See Configuration in Calendar Sync for overview of feed configuration.

Access to all calendars

Firstly, you may configure which users have access to all calendars. The following options are available.

No on can access all calendars

This option is only available when the feed is configured to group by user. When selected, all users will be able to see calendars with their own issues, and no-one will have access to anyone else's events.

All Jira users can access all calendars

With this option everyone in your Jira instance will be able to see all calendars and events generated for this feed.

Users in specific group(s) can access all calendars

Use this option to allow only users in specific groups to see all calendars.

Users in specific role(s) can access all calendars

Use this option to allow only users in specific roles to see all calendars. It also determines what events each calendar contains.

In Jira, each project maintains its own role assignments to groups and users. A user may be a "Developer" in one project, and a "Manager" in another. However, a calendar feed may be configured to cross many projects. Calendar Sync for Jira will only show the calendars to users who have the configured roles in any project, but each calendar will only contain events for projects where this user indeed has the required role.

For example, consider three Jira projects: A, B and C, the calendar feed query matching issues in projects A and B, with role access for Developers.

  • If a user belongs to Developers in any project (even C), he will see the calendar on his list.

  • When he downloads the calendar, he will only see the events from projects where he actually belongs to Developers. If he's only a Developer in project A, the calendar will not contain any events from project B.

Access to each user's specific calendar

In addition to the above, when the feed is grouping by user, it may also be configured to allow each user to see only his own events. Users in groups or roles allowed to see all calendars will always be able to see all calendars. However, users who do not have a matching group or role will still have access to their own events.

If the calendar feed is configured in a way that makes some Jira issues match more than one user (e.g. based on two or more user fields), then these issues will be included in calendars of all those users. In other words a single event may be visible to more than one user.

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